2 days ago · The AI-Generated Pentagon Explosion.

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1 day ago · Stable Diffusion. The image purported to be a picture of a Neanderthal giant is not genuine.

2 days ago · An AI-generated image that appeared to show an explosion next to a building in the Pentagon complex circulated on social media platforms on Monday, in the latest incident to highlight concerns.


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2 days ago · The AI-Generated Pentagon Explosion. . Image to Image AI uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to generate high-quality images that are both unique and.

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2 days ago · A fake, apparently AI-generated image of an explosion outside the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, briefly went viral Monday morning, though the Department of Defense confirmed the image was fake.

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1 day ago · Using cryptographic methods, the capabilities, scheduled to roll out in the coming months, will mark and sign AI-generated content with metadata about the origin.


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A false report of an explosion at the Pentagon, accompanied by an apparent AI-generated image, spread on Twitter Monday – which caused officials to respond.

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